Thursday, July 29, 2021
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New IOL Treatment Planner From Zubisoft

Zubisoft and IBRA have released a new IOL treatment planner, which is now a part of IBRA Cataract Services.

In addition to higher visual acuity, the new planner allows surgeons to achieve more accurate results. The lower rate of necessary retreatments results in cost savings for doctors and happier patients on the other, according to Zubisoft.

The IOL treatment planning uses the SIA calculated by IBRA and the optimized lens constants (SRK/T and Haigis) for the individual patient case. For toric treatments, the planner calculates the optimal axis, cylinder power, and residual astigmatism for all IOLs.

The software helps ophthalmologists achieve greater success and more satisfied patients by improving communication and conveying the right expectations about the procedure. Patients are engaged in the decision-making process, with even shorter consultations. This makes ophthalmologists more productive and safe, according to Zubisoft.



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